The “discovery” tour

“Provence discovery” is a several days tour. It can be a week-end up to a full week or more, according to your request. A discovery tour is the most complete way to explore food making and the territory. Not only you will be visiting a wider variety of producers and areas, but you will acquire an in-depth knowledge of food practices and general gastronomy culture.  Remember that during a gastronomy tour we will touch all food related aspects, from geography to history, culture etc. 


As a gastronome guide, I can either just coordinate visits and meals (if requested also transport and accommodation)  or I can offer an even more complete service by accompanying you during the journey. Being your personal guide I will be able to give you extra information both on strictly foodie and cultural insights on the local life. My job is to be your “bridge” or link to the country. Contact me to discuss together what would be the best solution for you.


Depending on how many days you are planning to stay a “discovery” tour can be quite extended as far as geographical areas. Because Provence is such a diverse territory a “discovery” tour can allow you to explore totally different environments from the Alps mountains to the Mediterranean sea, through the inner drylands. In a relatively small area, Provence offers a multitude of landscapes and climatic situations. Useless to say that such variety of conditions allows a great biodiversity in terms of products.  When explored through the lenses of food Provence is not one, but many territories. 

Here below is an example of an 8 days tour that will have you enjoy mountains and sea. Contact me to set up together the perfect tour for you.