Lavender Fields

March 21, 2018 | no responses

Lavender Fields: bright and dark sides Everyone has in mind the beautiful images of blue, violet lavender fields.  However, there is much more to know about lavender than just pretty images. Taken away by the incredible picture that repeats itself every year between mid-june and mid-july, we might have never thought about the countereffects of […]

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Bee shepherds…

January 25, 2018 | one response

Honey and other sweetness The Platea de valensole is an highland placed just above the city of Manosque  ujhfulcugahqk jgchhg   ggrgshucyaeux  ygrudiuahrch hejqfhdu            ycnrgtcghj  uyreuxruyncuxfgfxrghb ygrjxhu             ugfjxhugvghg  yuexyuuixrj       uyxerghxrdg  hjdghsggdgjdf u gugiusdfg

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