Lavender Fields

March 21, 2018 | no responses | 1091

Everyone has in mind the beautiful images of blue, violet lavender fields.  However, there is much more to know about lavender than just pretty images. Taken away by the incredible picture that repeats itself every year between mid-june and mid-july, we might have never thought about the countereffects of such production. If not done in a considerate way, this agricultural product can be very invasive for the environment and its resources. During our tour we will meet an organic producer from the Plateau de Valensole. A dry, fascinating highland, surrounded by the mountains in the distance. This particular producer made of innovation and respect for the surrounding environment the pillar to his production methods.  At his farm we will explore all steps of lavender production from the fields, to the distillation, to the essential oil and its therapeutic and domestic uses.

I like to remind that, even if the blossoming lasts just a few weeks per year, lavender and the Plateau de Valensole, are always there as beautiful as ever. I invite you to come visit even off season, away from the crowds, with more time to enjoy the place and the people.